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Cool Wine Bottle Sweaters

This is a fun and easy way to make a wine bottle sweater.  I use the sleeves of old sweaters.  Use an old wine bottle as a pattern so you know how tall to make the bottle sweater.  I usually cut a little longer than the bottle.  To cut the circle piece for the bottom of the bottle I place it on the old sweater and trace around the bottom of the bottle.  Add 1/4" to the diameter for your seam allowance.  This circle will let you know how much you will have to take in the sleeve so that the circle will sew in with ease.

Versatile Hinie Wrap - NEW way to Wear it!

Versatile Hinie Wrap - NEW way to Wear it! Front to Back - so cool!
Check this out another fun and fabulous way to wear the Versatile Hinie Wrap Fun and Fabulous!

Versatile Hinie Wrap

Versatile Hinie Wrap as a Vest
Just one of the many ways to wear this very VERSATILE WRAP!!

Wedding Dress Transformation

This wedding dress has a story, really it has several stories.  Four beautiful brides have worn this wedding dress.  When Anna was engaged and wanting to wear it after her mother, aunt and sister had already worn it. Anna is a very beautiful petite young woman so the dress consumed her small figure.  Her mother had read an article about the "Sewing Wizard" and how I can re-purpose and transform clothing.  So I get a phone call to set up a consultation.  Anna flies in from Chicago and we meet.  We discussed what she wanted so I had an idea of where I would start.  The challenges working with an already constructed wedding dress is you don't have the luxury of continuous fabric.  The challenge is what makes this craft such an art.  Seeing the transformation in stages and meeting with Anna several times coordinating her flights to Colorado made this one of my most favorite masterpiece.  Weddings always mark much "LOVE" and working with this dress that had been par…

Fun Zipper Bracelet

I have designed a new pattern.  You can either purchase new zipper or us old zippers.  It's really FUN and FAST!
Supply list 1 – 5” metal,  molded tooth or coil zipper* (zipper size is left up to you the designer – for example: large #8 get more noticed and are more masculine, smaller #5 are dainty so it’s up to you)!  *You can also use the smaller coil zipper and cut to 6” length ¼” yard of nylon webbing or cotton webbing* *when using cotton webbing there is more work to finish the raw edge so keep that in mind
2 – 1” “D” rings to match
FUN ZIPPER BRACELET  APPROXIMATELY 1 HOUR PROJECTDESIGNED BY Lorraine Pattern #130 A simple yet fun project to make.  Maybe you have a sentimental outfit that is either worn out or out of style – take the zippers out and have some FUN! I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I enjoyed designing it.  J ©2013 Lorraine Giannetto-Glach

Cart Cup Cozy

My new design of the week!  I like the convenience of having my tea while I shop but it is hard to maneuver the cart while carrying my cup.  So I decided to do something about it and make a Cart Cup Cozy.  It works FABULOUS!  For those of you who are crafty and sew who would like to make their own I will have a pattern ready this week.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  Thanks!!

Wedding Dress Refashion

This is an amazing transformation...Sue wore this wedding dress nearly 48 years ago and her daughter Anna will be wearing the new refashioned wedding dress tomorrow.  It has been a work in progress and it turned out just BEAUTIFUL!

The necklace she is wearing here has lace piece from the dress in a glass bead to make it into a pendant!  Something old and something new!

Stitched from the HEART

Young Whitney is taking sewing lessons from me and she is learning to make 18" doll clothes!  She is quite the inspiration and while sewing she wanted to sew a little heart for embellishing her designs so we came up with "Stitched from the HEART" which will be her signature on all her creations!  I'm so excited for her.  She is already talking about having her own line of doll clothes!  You go Whitney!! :-)
Here are some of her creations>>>

What's EXCITING about her designs we used scrap pieces of fabric so the designs are one-of-a-kind!  Keep up the good work Whitney and I can wait to help you create some more amazing designs!!

Why You Need a Hinnie Wrap

I think everyone should own a "Hinnie Wrap!"  This wrap evolved out of necessity because when I would go to the gym in my yoga pants I felt very uncomfortable so I designed this wrap which covers the hinne, cuts my hips in thirds so I don't look too hippy!  You see as you get older gravity has a way of messing with body extremities LOL!  I originally named this a "Versatile Wrap" but felt that the new name "Hinne Wrap" is more descriptive!  Have fun and let me know what you think!

This is a very functional addition to everyone's wardrobe; wear it to the gym, to a dance, just anywhere. When you wear it with a belt is dresses up any outfit.

Sewing Class with a Young Designer - Drea

A wonderful sewing class with a 10 year old!  She is a natural designer I must say!  She knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to let you know.  The sewing lesson for her is always such an adventure.
Me:  So Drea what would you like to learn today?
Drea:  I want to make a dress without a pattern.  I want to make it longer in the back and have two side "V" type slits with small straps that crisscross in the back.  Can we use the purple lace for straps and do some fun embellishing?
Me:  You bet!  Let's get started.
With just a piece of fabric and some 1/2 lace we make a sundress for this young energetic fashion designer... We took her measurements and cut out a rectangular piece of the fabric, cutting it the widest measure we took, sewed it together along the short end, formed a casing at the top to put elastic in so that it would stay up, sewed the straps on, embellished it and here you have it...

The Versatile Wrap

versatile - definition of versatile by the Free Online Dictionary ... ver·sa·tile (vûr s-t l, -t l) adj. 1. Capable of doing many things competently. 2. Having varied uses or serving many functions: 
This wrap evolved from the fact that I'm not comfortable going in public with my yoga pants but don't see the need to change at the gym when it's more convenient to do so at home.  This versatile wrap serving many functions covers my hinie (Hinie: Slang for butt) so I can walk through the gym and to yoga class with confidence!  While experimenting with different fabrics I made several more wraps and have really enjoyed them as a great addition to my wardrobe.  I'm also going to make some swimsuit wraps so I can go to the pool with modesty, versatility and confidence.  
Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Sugar Play

Sugar is a Puggle!  She has such personality.  I love to play with your because she is so interactive and she has such CUTE expressions.


Let me introduce myself my name is Lorraine Giannetto-Glach and I’m a designer of sorts.  I like to take the obsolete and make it unique by repurposing it and making it a one-of-a-kind; I want to be the plastic surgeon for your wardrobe! I design patterns for the beginner sewing enthusiast, making them fun, fast and unique so you want to sew, make more and share your new talent.  I’m a huge fan of recycling, repurposing and redesigning what’s already in your closet. A great way to save some bucks and save the landfill; it’s has two-fold benefit. I have sewn for most of my life it has been therapy for me!  My heart’s desire is to be a fashion designer of the everyday fashion, practical yet unique and comfortable. I have gotten frustrated with patterns even to this day with all the hours I have under my belt so I try and keep my patterns simple and FUN!  I have YouTube videos of some of the steps I found might be hard to understand plus I’m only an e-mail away if you need help! One of th…

T-shirt Quilt

This quilt was made for Joyce P.  Since she plays and loves volleyball she wanted a way of keeping and treasuring the memories she thought having a quilt made was the perfect way to do just that.  Originally it was going to be a 4x5 quilt  blocks but she had several t-shirts that only had a small print on them so I cut and stitched them into a row and made that the vertical center that you see and still kept the quilt a rectangular shape.  She was extremely happy with how it turned out!

DJ's Steakhouse Commercial

This was a lot of fun to do!! Not to bad for our first time acting.  Let me know your thoughts.  For the Best Prime Rib in town check out DJ's!!  Check this out

Scrub Hat How to on YouTube

I have had a lot of request on how to sew my "Easy Scrub Hat" pattern so here you have it.  Enjoy!

Article: RERUNS in the Pueblo Chieftain

This is a wonderful article about my passion.  Please read - I hope you enjoy it!