Fun Zipper Bracelet

I have designed a new pattern.  You can either purchase new zipper or us old zippers.  It's really FUN and FAST!
Supply list
1 – 5” metal,  molded tooth or coil zipper* (zipper size is left up to you the designer – for example: large #8 get more noticed and are more masculine, smaller #5 are dainty so it’s up to you)!  *You can also use the smaller coil zipper and cut to 6” length
¼” yard of nylon webbing or cotton webbing*
*when using cotton webbing there is more work to finish the raw edge so keep that in mind

2 – 1” “D” rings to match



DESIGNED BY Lorraine Giannetto-Glach

Pattern #130
A simple yet fun project to make.  Maybe you have a sentimental outfit that is either worn out or out of style – take the zippers out and have some FUN!
I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I enjoyed designing it.  J
©2013 Lorraine Giannetto-Glach


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