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Metal Zipper Jewelry

It all started while playing with some metal zipper that I removed from a garmetn because it didn't work properly.  I dislike throwing away anything that might have a use.  As I worked with a couple of ideas the jewelry pictured here evolved from just playing.  I have got a lot of positive comments and I have actually sold a piece.  Please consider giving something unique Made in the USA. Thanks!

Reusable Snack Bags

This a is great way to recycle and not use plastic - let's help the environment.  Check out the youtube video on how to make them.  Enjoy!

Crayon Apron Pattern

This is my latest design.  Great for the beginner or advance sewer.  It makes great gifts.  The crayon apron is for creative kid in your life.  You can make from just a fat quarter and one yard of bias trim or grosgrain ribbon.  Check out to see how easy it is.

My Teddy Bear Story

I made teddy bears from my dad's winter jacket for his grandson's so that they would have something to remember him by. Keeping loved ones close at HEART. I hope you enjoy!

Sentimental Value Brings Healing, Comfort & Joy

From the t-shirt, blouse and jeans of a loved one I made a sweater, pants, vest and bow for the teddy bear. This way they can keep the memories close at heart and help with healing. bringing comfort and joy to those left behind!!

Living with Laugh Lines: The Purpose Given Life

Living with Laugh Lines: The Purpose Given Life: "Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence." ~ Henry David Thoreau                   ...

Easter Dresses for Two Adorable Twins

It was quite the adventure shopping with two adorable twins for the fabric to make their Easter dresses! I love when they can be the designer from the beginning. They searched the Simplicity Patterns and narrowed their search to the cute pillow case dress pattern. From there we searched for the perfect fabric, walking the aisles at JoAnn's Fabrics. To my surprise they have very different tastes in what they wanted their Easter dress to look like. I love to see their joy and surprise as we pulled bolts of fabric for them to see. I think the ribbon selection was priceless -- I see future designers! I love their original and unique taste. This one, no that one and then the decision was made. You can see the pictures from fabric to finished. Let me know your thoughts!
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Curtains from Beautiful Tapestry

These curtains were made from a beautiful tapestery to go in the doctors office. I made them 2.5 times the width of the window. The will fit inside the window frame! They turned out beautiful. I made the four tie backs so that they can be open to let light in.
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Extraordinary Seven-Year Old Seeks To Quilt for Kids in Need

Meet Maddie. She’s seven years old, and while her birthday in April will bring her to the fresh young age of eight, her grandmother Nancy likes to say she’s going on 25. After a couple of us here at Craftsy spoke with her on the phone a few days ago, we couldn’t agree more. After all, we hardly know any seven-going-on-eight year olds who can finish a quilting project from start to finish all by herself. Rarer still are those seven-going-on-eight year olds who want to make even more quilts for the sole purpose of donating them to people in need. But then, this is Maddie; and she’s pretty extraordinary.

Seeing her latest project, you might think she’s been quilting for a while. But, really, she’s relatively new, having only started this past holiday season. But her reasoning was really pretty simple. As Nancy explains, “Maddie reasoned that if she can chop onions well, then she should certainly be able to use a sewing machine.”


Leg Warmers and Purse from Plaid Sweater

When it's time to retire a sweater the best way is to recycle or repurpose it. The best part when repurposing is that you take something old and make it new. You become a designer!

The sweater usually dictates what type of purse I can make. I generally take the sleeves and make them into leg warmers. I wanted to make smaller leg warmers so I used a pair of socks for a young girl as my pattern be sure to add 1/2" seam allowance. Make them as long as you want. I added a knit ribbing cuff to both ends, finished 1". The purse shape and design depends on the sweater. This particular sweater was a button cardigan and I wanted to utilize the buttons for the purse closure. I buttoned the sweater and folded it so that the button flap was at about 2" from the top fold. I cut a semi-circle. Finish off the raw edge with a 1" or thicker grosgrain ribbon. This ribbon has a white pasley print on it and I thought it would work. Measure around your curved portion and add to tha…

Pattern #2 design - no sew t-shirt apron

This is a fun and easy project for almost any age that can use scissors. All you need:
Supply List
One t-shirt
Tape measure or ruler
Lay t-shirt flat, cut off both sleeves. Optional: you can use the sleeves as pockets but you will need a sewing machine.
Press the t-shirt flat so that the side seams are marked. Fold t-shirt so that the side seams meet and the front and back are folded on each other. The arm holes line up diagram 1.
Now cut the center back at the fold line all the way up back but DO NOT CUT the ribbed neck piece diagram 2. Measure in from the back center and mark 3” in from center back that you just cut. Place the enclosed pattern piece down at the 3” marks and cut out as diagram 3 shows.
To make your apron ties measure 3” refer to diagram 4 to see how you will graduate the ties into the arm hole, up around and to the back ribbing. Remember not to cut through the ribbed collar this will be the piece that goes around your head.
And here you have it as easy as pie no pun …

Rockies to Yoga Purse/Bag

This is a fun unique way to repurpose those pants or jeans that you no longer wear. Cut off the legs and save for a future project. Sew 2 - 18" straps from 1.5" to 2" webbing(or longer) at waist and to bottom of jeans that you cut. Now sew the bottom of the pants together, square off the points so you have a rectangular bottom. Cut a shoulder strap from 1.5" to 2" webbing approximately 40" so to waistband at the side seam. Attach a snap closure to center of jeans and you are finished.