Pattern #2 design - no sew t-shirt apron

This is a fun and easy project for almost any age that can use scissors. All you need:
Supply List
One t-shirt
Tape measure or ruler
Lay t-shirt flat, cut off both sleeves. Optional: you can use the sleeves as pockets but you will need a sewing machine.
Press the t-shirt flat so that the side seams are marked. Fold t-shirt so that the side seams meet and the front and back are folded on each other. The arm holes line up diagram 1.
Now cut the center back at the fold line all the way up back but DO NOT CUT the ribbed neck piece diagram 2. Measure in from the back center and mark 3” in from center back that you just cut. Place the enclosed pattern piece down at the 3” marks and cut out as diagram 3 shows.
To make your apron ties measure 3” refer to diagram 4 to see how you will graduate the ties into the arm hole, up around and to the back ribbing. Remember not to cut through the ribbed collar this will be the piece that goes around your head.
And here you have it as easy as pie no pun intended!
What a great way to recycle. Enjoy!
No-Sew T-shirt Apron
Fun and easy for almost any age that can handle scissors – approximately 1 hour project
Designer Lorraine Giannetto-Glach
Pattern #124


Sue said…
Hey Lorraine, This is wonderful and I can't wait to try it with our older granddaughters this summer. Thanks for linking up with us this past Saturday and we plan to feature this , this weekend!! :)


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