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A Flower For Your Hair

Lately I have been seeing a lot of flowers for the hair. Today while we were being tourist around western Colorado I saw that to be true and I got a lot of ideas. The one pictured here has a rose as the center and two leaves to pull it all together. Stitched by hand to an elastic head band. Do you think these are just for the young or can adults wear them too?

Check Out this Goregous Quilt

Check out this goregous quilt. This is the second blessing I received today!! I was given a beautiful quilt from a friend. Those who know me know how much I LOVE quilts and fabric. I received them both today. They have really blessed me beyond measure. THANK YOU!!

Fabric Heaven

I got such a sweet blessing today. A friend of mine named Linda was cleaning out all fabric and she thought of me. It is fabric heaven! So many ideas and so much fabric to play with. Oh, yes definitely no mistake about it --FABRIC HEAVEN -- 12 bags!!

Little Girls Apron from a Tank Top

Can you see how easy this is? Well the idea and concept born in my mind did not turn out as cute as I thought it would. I would really like your opinion and ideas on this one. Thanks!

Faux Turquoise with Copper Chain Necklace

This is a faux turquoise stone necklace with a copper chain. It looks goregous on. What color blouse would you wear this with?

New Jewelry

These are unique and different jewelry made from chunky charms. Got to love the name. LOL Even though they are chunky looking they are lightweight. Do you think teens would like the charms?