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Sewing Class with a Young Designer - Drea

A wonderful sewing class with a 10 year old!  She is a natural designer I must say!  She knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to let you know.  The sewing lesson for her is always such an adventure.
Me:  So Drea what would you like to learn today?
Drea:  I want to make a dress without a pattern.  I want to make it longer in the back and have two side "V" type slits with small straps that crisscross in the back.  Can we use the purple lace for straps and do some fun embellishing?
Me:  You bet!  Let's get started.
With just a piece of fabric and some 1/2 lace we make a sundress for this young energetic fashion designer... We took her measurements and cut out a rectangular piece of the fabric, cutting it the widest measure we took, sewed it together along the short end, formed a casing at the top to put elastic in so that it would stay up, sewed the straps on, embellished it and here you have it...