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Simple black purse

After finishing some sewing projects I'm now on to the fun stuff. I have a simple black purse that I want to make something unique with some "BLING". I'm using some hair ties and a hair band to embellish the purse. I'll show you pictures of what it looked like when I started and when I'm finished I'll post some pictures of the finish purse. I love to recreate!!! Let me know what you think. I should have the finished project done soon!
Another amazing class with the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. Wow, is Dave funny or what. I have to admit the way he gets his point across I just love it. He puts a funny spin on things and makes it enjoyable but the best part is learning his principles. His recommendations are truly amazing but yet simple. It's nice to have a plan of action to get out of debt. I would recommend his class to anyone interested in getting out of debt. Have a blessed day!

The morning after

I can say that I actually feel pretty good after yesterdays 500 Calorie work out! I;m surprised that my leg muscles are supporting my body but I'm very pleased with the fact they are. LOL Yes, I will do it again. One thing it has motivated me to go back to college and get a Degree in Fitness. My biggest obstacle is the financing. I'm taking the Dave Ramsey's financial peace class about getting out of debt. I have to get creative with the financing. I'm hoping that they have grants available!
Well off to work I go. Have a great day!

500 Calories Cardio Work out

Just got back from the gym. I tried the 500 Calorie Burn class and WOW do I feel the burn. The instructor said our muscles should feel like they are in SHOCK so that they will burn the most calories. My muscles certainly do feel like they are in shock and I'm beginning to wonder if my leg muscles will be able to support my body come morning. All joking aside I have to say that was one AWESOME work out and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to move the entire 60 minutes. I can feel muscles I never even knew I had. Will all that adrenaline I'm able to get sewing on more Vizorsoks even after a full day at work and the intense 60 minutes work out. Something to be said for the natural rush of adrenaline. WOW!!! God is so good!

Visors socks and Sunday evening

Not to mention that it's Valentine's Day. I had a wonderful day. It started off with a dozen awesome cookies from the Cookie Ladies for my Valentine's Day present. In church I was able to hold a precious little girl name Jayden so I got my baby fix. It was a great service too the pastor spoke in Daniel and wow it's great how he can make it applicable to today. Well since I played in my sewing room yesterday ALL DAY, guess I should get busy on the ROADGEAR Vizorsoks! For those of you who don't know what they are check out to learn more. I'm proud to say that the company ROADGEAR Inc still makes a lot of their products in the great USA!!