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What to do with all the jean legs

I have a dilema--I make a lot of jean purses out of old jeans. Well now I have a ton of jean legs. Any suggestions out there? I have made a jean jacket out of some of the left over jean legs but the pattern pieces have to be narrow for the most part to work. (One of my jean jackets will be featured in the Winter issue 2008 of Altered Couture which comes out in November). The instructions will be published with a picture. I also made a hobo handbag that turned out cut the legs have to be wide enough to work for this project. I have cut them into a lot of square so if one day I want to make a quilt. I'm running out of ideas. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Finding inspiration

I have been viewing the forums on Since I'm still new to all this and not sure when you can just post some comment or question. I did want to say that I have read many comments and they have been so encouraging and inspiring it has been such a positive experience for me. I hope to get the courage to join in soon! I'm still enjoying all the comments. What an awesome group of artists!!!

How to do it all

I have been thinking all day how I can manage everything I want to do. I started to organize my sewing room and while doing so I found a kids shoe organizer. I decided it would help me organize the stuff I use frequently around my cutting table so I taped it to the table and wow what a difference it makes. Being more organized helps me manage all my stuff. Hope it helps you!

New to blogging

The other day I was e-mailed from Altered Couture managing editor that my jean purse and jean jacket will be featured in the Winter 2008 issue coming out in November. I was asked to fill out a questionaire and on the questionaire they asked for my blog? I asked myself what is a blog? I asked my husband and my kids and they didn't know what a blog was. I then went to a forum looking for help. I posted a question and received a couple of answers and I followed and link from Goatsdesigns. And a here I am. It was much easier than I could have every imaged. Just last week I listed some items for sale on I'm excited to see what happens. They have a lot of forums with many talented artist. You should check it out. I love to learn something new every day--today it is blogging.