New to blogging

The other day I was e-mailed from Altered Couture managing editor that my jean purse and jean jacket will be featured in the Winter 2008 issue coming out in November. I was asked to fill out a questionaire and on the questionaire they asked for my blog? I asked myself what is a blog? I asked my husband and my kids and they didn't know what a blog was. I then went to a forum looking for help. I posted a question and received a couple of answers and I followed and link from Goatsdesigns. And a here I am. It was much easier than I could have every imaged. Just last week I listed some items for sale on I'm excited to see what happens. They have a lot of forums with many talented artist. You should check it out. I love to learn something new every day--today it is blogging.


michvanetta said…
Welcome to the wonderful land of blogging, we all start out the same way, and just keep asking questions if you need.
xx Mich
NYPapercrafter said…
Great start to your blog and congratulations on your products being featured!

This2That said…
Thanks for the support, nice comments and wishes! This has been such a positive experience. Thanks again!!!

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