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Custom Designed Sweater Purse

This is an adorable one-of-a-kind designer original sweater purse. This size is more for little girls. Do you think I should embellish it more?

John Deer Apron

Here is a custom design one-of-a-kind John Deer Apron. For those guys that like to cook, grill or even bake. What would you pay for one of these?

Spiderman Apron

Here is a Spiderman Apron - custom made and no two alike. What would you pay for something like this? It fits age 3 - 5 year olds.

What if...the fuss?

Okay so I'm walking up the stairs & I see a piece of fuss. I go to pick it up & I think, "What if it's not a piece of fuss?", Oh, the, "What if's!", do they keep your life interesting or keep you from moving on? To make a long story short I did pick up the fuss and it was a piece of fuss! Sometimes we need to look past the, "What if's!"

Keely's Hello Kitty T-shirt Dress

This was a class that I taught today! It was made from a t-shirt, tull and 1 1/2 yard of cotton fabric. I think it's just adorable. Have you see anything like it? You really have to appreciate one-of-a-kind--don't you?

Curly or Straight

I can't decide to keep it curly or go straight. Do you like curly or straight?

The American Dream

Living the American Dream. What is your American Dream?


Do you think random acts of kindness can change the world? I think so! One step at a time.