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Gift Baskets

Just wanted to show off what I've been busy doing today. I made two gift baskets for the party tomorrow. The verical basket has a 5 piece kitchen set, vanilla candle, coffee mug with a blended drink packet. The horizontal basket contains a kitchen towel, dollies, candle, pot holders and a decorative hanging ladder for the wall. I sure hope the lucky ladies enjoy them!


Today was the first time I've tried ZUMBA. I just love it! What a cardio workout and fun, fun, fun! It's like dancing really fast. The instructor really could move I was impressed. Maybe I'll get there soon. LOL Now my dilemma will be whether I do Yoga or Zumba. LOL I guess if that's what I have for dilemma's I'm doing pretty good. Decisions, decisions, life is full of decisions. I can do the coin toss or I can always do both and that way I don't have to make a decision between them. Some times the times helps make the decision for me so I guess it's really not a dilemma. I'll look at it as an OPPORTUNITY!! Now life is full of OPPORTUNITIES you just have to love them. Life would be so boring without opportunities. Time to sign off for now I need to ENJOY my HERE and NOW and if you know me that means some more recreating. Remember we have no guarantees except the here and now--Enjoy!

Snow days!

What I love about snow days! Snow days are the best days to stay inside to sew, recreate and just get creative. It is something about wanting to stay inside to stay warm or maybe it's just the best EXCUSE to recreate—my hearts desire to make something old new to me! I like to think I'm helping the environment at the same time because all my new creations are saved from having to go to the landfill. In this economy it also helps extend the wardrobe I already have. It is such a WIN, WIN situation. Snow or rain or clear skies I always find a reason to do what I love and that is RECREATE!!