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Cool Aprons from old clothes

What better way to recycle than taking something old and making it new! That is what I love to do! I love clothes, any color and style, I have a lot of clothes to prove it. LOL Besides loving clothes I hate to get rid of them. By taking my old clothes marrying them with other old clothes to make new, interesting, fun and one-of-a-kind items has really helped to lessen the stress of an over stuffed closet. My inspiration usually comes when I have a favorite article of clothing whether is be a top, short or skirt. I can't seem to part with it for some reason or another. Usually the excuse is I might wear it again some day. I have heard that before more than once. I hang my favorite piece of clothing where I will see it almost everyday. Next thing you know I see something else that will work with my favorite piece to make a new item. In this article I have three aprons I made. One from a country western top and a black tier ruffled skirt and the other two from one blouse and one skir…