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Hot Mitt Aprons

These aprons evolved from a need to make two aprons for the Swallows Charter Academy Chili Cook-off winners on October 22, 2010. The aprons I originally made were more feminine and a Halloween theme. I had an idea to make a chili pepper as the top of the apron from a placemat well when I got to the store no red placemats to be found. Go figure, right? Well I'm running out of time and I'm not sure that I would make it to the other stores so I thought and thought, looked and looked for some inspiration and ideas. I pulled to kitchen towels, 4 oven mitts, a tea towel as my idea formed in my head. I was hoping that it would evolve nicely in the making. With these types of projects you just never really know. LOL! So last night I slowly worked through my idea and finished the one apron, today I finished the second one. I do like how they turned out. I'm even thinking about making the pattern and selling the pattern to this apron. Pictured are several different angles so you can…