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St. Charles - A Step Back in Time!

St. Charles is such a quaint little town nestled in the back woods just 30 minutes west of downtown St. Louis.  It was like taking a step back in time, walking along the brick streets, brick side walks and the horse and buggy.

There were many unique shops including an adorable quilt shop - The Quilt Cottage.  And many unique clothing shops to enjoy! I would definitely love to visit again.

Day 7 - Loving St. Louis - SEW many REASONS!

I've really been enjoying my visit here in St. Louis!  So many things to do but especially all the wonderful quilt shops.  More quilt shops today!  Only one regret... I didn't bring a sewing machine!!

From the Arch, to the City Museum, restaurants and SEW many QUILT shops!! There is truly no better therapy ...

Loving St. Louis - SEW it SEAMS

Oh my I am having an incredible time in St. Louis!  If you're a quilter you may have thought you stepped into "Quilter's Paradise"!  The quilt shops in this area have been incredible - wall to wall fabric, crafts and supplies!  My dilemma - 50 lb weight limit on my luggage - not even funny not to mention the lack of foresight to budget a bit more.

SEW I have decided that I want to buy something that I can have as a souvenir from each shop so I started collecting the Row by Row license plates.  I just decided that today so I don't have the fabric plates from the other shops I have shopped before today.

My St. Louis Tote Bag Pattern Inspiration

Merry Christmas to ALL - may you have a day filled with many blessings.
Since I purchased the St. Louis fabric from The Quilted Fox I have been thinking of a pattern design. I think a tote bag will be appropriate!
The blue fabric I will use in the tote bag pattern but the brown fabrics I will be making a purse from my new purse pattern that I have yet to name. I purchased the brown/black for contrast.  I actually can't wait to get home to SEW.  Each of ,my designs always have a story.  I hope to share the story of how my pattern designs evolve.

Christmas Eve 2016

It's hard to believe that 2016 is coming to an end.  So much has happened this past year. It was such a busy year of brides, wedding and alterations!  I got the opportunity to go to Quilt Market Salt Lake City, it was such an amazing experience.  I met SEW many amazing people.

Luke left for a 2 year mission trip to Chile.  Josh graduated high school and left for college in August. Mari and I started "The Sewing Studio" - teaching and inspiring SEW many in the Art of Sewing and Quilting!!

Spending the end of 2016 in St. Louis Missouri what a rich history this area has!  Enjoying the time off and the site seeing and the many quilt shops.  The Quilted Fox was a wonderful shop that had over 6,000 bolts of fabrics - it was a quilters heaven!  The Quilted Cottage was in St. Charles but they were closed today but will be open on Monday.  I can't wait to make it back there Monday.

What a GREAT way to spend the end of 2016!

An Entrepreneur at Heart!

I can remember at an early age I wanted to make my own money. One summer I decided to run an ad in the Thirty Nickel for "PET SITTING" and "LAWN MOWING".

I landed a weekly mowing job and many pet sitting gigs.  My mom would take me to the bank each week and I would deposit money into my account and see my money grow.  It was so cool to see my money grow.  I was even able to open a CD Money Market Account while I was still in high school.

I think that entrepreneurs are truly born!!

Sewing An Art Form of Self EXPRESSION

Why I believe that SEWING is AN ART of SELF EXPRESSION!!  I have been sewing most of my life.  It truly has been a form of therapy for me.  I love teaching the art of sewing and especially to the young and the young at heart.  You see the young are so much more willing to think and SEW outside the BOX! They aren't hung up on PERFECTION so their art reflects a part of them whether it be style, color, feelings or all of the above.

Taking whole cloth and turning it into ART of SELF EXPRESSION!!  Sometimes it's hard for people to communicate to express what they might be feeling or what they are going through.  What if...they could play with cloth and create something that gives them a sense of accomplishment.

As I have said many times I think we all have an inner child that wants to come out and play! What better way than creating and transforming fabric into ART!!  Fabric can be transformed into clothing, a quilt or even 3 dimensional art.

When I teach a student I always tell t…

Kid's Kamp - Block of the Month

January block of the month - Friendship Star, I teach an easy Eleanor Burns method for the half square triangles that helps reduce error and keep the blocks square.  It's a great method for a beginner quilter!

Kid's Kamp - One Yard No Waste Tote Bag Class

This is one yard no waste tote bag it's SEW much fun, its' FAST, and FUNcitional! I thought this class at  First Stitches in Canon City! We had a blast! Once you learn my unique technique to making this tote bag with no unfinished edges and all you need is a straight stitch sewing machine.  My pattern will be available soon SewUnique!

Memory Apron

Some people love to COOK and love to remember their "LOVED ONE" who has passed from this earth to a better place.  So for those folks I make the memory aprons!

Grandpa Memory Teddy Bear

Making memories bears is on of the most rewarding sewing that I do.  I love to feel the peace that loved ones feel when they have something to hold, cherish and cry with.  I hope that they can feel the LOVE that I sew in with each stitch!  <3 p="">

Daddy Memory Teddy Bear

There is nothing more special than making an adorable "Daddy" memory bear.  This one is for my sister-in-law.  We lost my father-in-law November 2013 and this passed Christmas my mother-in-law let us pick out shirts that he wore.  I hope I have enough to make everyone a teddy bear!!  To me this is a way to keep a loved one "CLOSE AT HEART"!!  I think it's very healing and brings a sense of peace and closeness with our loved one spirit!