Sewing An Art Form of Self EXPRESSION

Why I believe that SEWING is AN ART of SELF EXPRESSION!!  I have been sewing most of my life.  It truly has been a form of therapy for me.  I love teaching the art of sewing and especially to the young and the young at heart.  You see the young are so much more willing to think and SEW outside the BOX! They aren't hung up on PERFECTION so their art reflects a part of them whether it be style, color, feelings or all of the above.

Taking whole cloth and turning it into ART of SELF EXPRESSION!!  Sometimes it's hard for people to communicate to express what they might be feeling or what they are going through.  What if...they could play with cloth and create something that gives them a sense of accomplishment.

As I have said many times I think we all have an inner child that wants to come out and play! What better way than creating and transforming fabric into ART!!  Fabric can be transformed into clothing, a quilt or even 3 dimensional art.

When I teach a student I always tell them - "THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN MY CLASS - I call them CREATIVE OPPORTUNITIES!!  My creative opportunities have been my most rewarding projects.

So don't believe the lie - "I'm not creative at all!", start a small project even if it is one by hand, start it today!



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