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Now How the Dress and Blouse Evolved

I already wrote this blog and didn't save as I was editing pictures and I lost it. LOL I just love when that happens. I just got the crestless pumpkin pie baking that the kids begged me to make so now I can redo this! I had the velor dress that is nicely embellished but it was a too big. I need an occassion to wear it before I worked on it to make it fit me. So the other day Randy and I were invited to attend a fundraiser formal dinner at the CSU Ballroom. Well with the weather a little chill I need a light jacket to wear because the dress has spaghetti straps. I took the dress in on the side seam, crisscrossed the straps at the back to take up the slack and I added a silver ruffle to the top of the bodice at neckline to tie in the silver jacket I made to wear with the dress. With the silver blouse I cut off about 9 to 10 inches, turned up to form a casing that I added elastic to so it make the jacket more fitted. I added 1/2" black ribbon to tie the jacket close with a bow. W…

Dress and Blouse

This is how it all started. My husband and I were invited to a fundraiser for Haiti. It is a formal affair so guess what I get to dress up. LOL I had the velvet dress that was too big for me but since I sew that really isn't a problem but I need a reason to put the time into making it fit. Well with the weather getting cooler I would need a small jacket since the dress has spaghetti straps. I have silver blouse that would work as a small jacket. Pictured here are the before pictures.