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Going Crazy with Grommet Bags

Here are another two grommet bags. They are so cute and pictured here with matching wallets.

More Grommet Purses

I'm having a great time teaching this class. If anyone is interested please contact me. It really neat to see all the fun fabrics that my students choose. Check out the pictures, Kristen finished hers but Tiffany and her sister had to leave early so I hope to get pictures when they are finished. They used similar color fabrics but they look very different. I forgot to get a picture of the wallet. You can always ask Kristen to see hers! Remember I teach class on Friday so sign up by contacting me. Oh, and please note my youngest student. It goes to prove that you are never too young to learn to so!! I don't want to hear that excuse. LOL Thanks!

Wine Bottle Sweater

A wine bottle sweater made out of old sweaters. Just another cool way to recycle. My question is would you pay $5 for one? Is is practical, functional or just cute. I think it's a little bit of all three I just want to hear what you have to say!!