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Skirt of Many Colors tell me what you want to be...

Will you be a purse or a apron. It takes me a while to decide. I have to wait to see what the article of clothing says to me. Will I get put away for saying that clothes talk to me? LOL Well today I decided to have my facebook friends help me out and most all of the them said the skirt would make a perfect Apron. Fortunately I was able to make both a purse and apron. Let me know what you think!

Spring Floral Skirt to Purse

Okay I think I might have got the size down now I'm not sure the colors in this purse will work with my wardrobe. Decisions, decisions! LOL I think it's cute but I'll have to see if it works for me.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

I feel like Goldilocks. This purse is too big and the one before this too small. I hope the next one will be just right. I wish I had a before picture of the dress I used to make this purse. So so cute! The top half will become an apron. Check back to see more!

Another Dress to Purse -- so who needs sleep, right?

Okay I've been wanting another purse so I found this cute dress that I was going to make an apron out of but I thought it would be a cute purse. I think it's too small for my stuff but I think it turned out cute. What do you think?

The Other End of My Sewing Room

Well I work really hard yesterday on one side of my sewing room and today I finished up on the other side. The side with my mid-arm quilting machine. When not in use it becomes a catch all! I need to take a picture so I can remember how it should look. LOL