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Memory Apron

Some people love to COOK and love to remember their "LOVED ONE" who has passed from this earth to a better place.  So for those folks I make the memory aprons!

Grandpa Memory Teddy Bear

Making memories bears is on of the most rewarding sewing that I do.  I love to feel the peace that loved ones feel when they have something to hold, cherish and cry with.  I hope that they can feel the LOVE that I sew in with each stitch!  <3 p="">

Daddy Memory Teddy Bear

There is nothing more special than making an adorable "Daddy" memory bear.  This one is for my sister-in-law.  We lost my father-in-law November 2013 and this passed Christmas my mother-in-law let us pick out shirts that he wore.  I hope I have enough to make everyone a teddy bear!!  To me this is a way to keep a loved one "CLOSE AT HEART"!!  I think it's very healing and brings a sense of peace and closeness with our loved one spirit!