What to do with all the jean legs

I have a dilema--I make a lot of jean purses out of old jeans. Well now I have a ton of jean legs. Any suggestions out there? I have made a jean jacket out of some of the left over jean legs but the pattern pieces have to be narrow for the most part to work. (One of my jean jackets will be featured in the Winter issue 2008 of Altered Couture which comes out in November). The instructions will be published with a picture. I also made a hobo handbag that turned out cut the legs have to be wide enough to work for this project. I have cut them into a lot of square so if one day I want to make a quilt. I'm running out of ideas. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


P said…
Yoga bags. People need a bag to put their yoga mat in to keep it clean and to transport it easily. Maybe with a velcro pocket for keys?
This2That said…
Thanks! I love the idea. Guess I'll have to make them and post them on my site at www.this2that.etesy.com. I wonder what they sell for.
Anonymous said…
Bags for giving bottles as presents.

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