Let me introduce myself my name is Lorraine Giannetto-Glach and I’m a designer of sorts.  I like to take the obsolete and make it unique by repurposing it and making it a one-of-a-kind; I want to be the plastic surgeon for your wardrobe! I design patterns for the beginner sewing enthusiast, making them fun, fast and unique so you want to sew, make more and share your new talent.  I’m a huge fan of recycling, repurposing and redesigning what’s already in your closet. A great way to save some bucks and save the landfill; it’s has two-fold benefit.
I have sewn for most of my life it has been therapy for me!  My heart’s desire is to be a fashion designer of the everyday fashion, practical yet unique and comfortable. I have gotten frustrated with patterns even to this day with all the hours I have under my belt so I try and keep my patterns simple and FUN!  I have YouTube videos of some of the steps I found might be hard to understand plus I’m only an e-mail away if you need help!
One of the areas that bring me immense JOY is when I repurpose a loved one’s clothing into a teddy bear, purse or quilt and I see firsthand the JOY, PEACE and COMFORT that this brings them; there just aren’t words to explain this type of JOY!  I hope to be able to share some testimonies on my blog!

I want to rock your world with this new talent and skill for you to experience the joy, pride and satisfaction that sewing brings. So let me help you make sewing your therapy! 


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