Creative Seat cushions

Don't you love to think outside the box? I was asked to make seat cushions for the folding chairs at church for folks you have a hard time sitting in those hard metal folding chairs. I put two seat cushions together, the seat part I put the no-skid material on the bottom and I put a sleeve on the back cushion so it slides over the chair. I spent most of today making 14 of them. Check out the picture. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said…
non-skid material on the bottom! Great idea. Oh, and speaking of non skid material? If you don't need this piece I picked up for you - I will always be able to use. No worries.
This2That said…
The non-skid I used you buy on a roll and you can line your cupboards not for slippers. I still want the non-skid material. I will try and make it by. I always remember on the way to drop the kids but we never leave with time to spare. LOL

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