My Sweet Lilly - JOY!

It's been 2 weeks since Lilly passed and it hasn't got any easier.  I sure miss that sweet little fur baby! She was my shadow, companion and lap/nap fur baby!  She passed on January 5, 2017 at 9:36 pm very peacefully.  In December she had developed Congestive Heart Failure and we were treating her with medicine.  She seemed to improve a little bit but then slowly decline.  She was always so active and never showed her age until recently. She was my Mother's Day gift in 2005.  I remember like yesterday the excitement and that cute little black bundle of JOY!!  I will continue to remember all the JOY and MEMORIES that she brought to my life!!  Sugar has had a hard time without her too.  She lays where Lilly did I think waiting for her.  Lilly would groom Sugar - it was the cutest thing!  Sugar has only know life with Lilly.  I have received such wonderful gifts honoring Lilly from my friends.  We did bury Lilly in the front left corner of our home because this is the only home that she knew!  Oh how I wish she was still here!


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