The Sentimental Value -- Teddy Bear

This is a project where I'm taking the clothes of a loved one and making clothes to fit a teddy bear. I study the clothes that I'm given to see what would work best for what. This takes time but is well worth the investment. Sometimes you have to walk a way take a break and come back later other times it just comes to you, oh yes this will be perfect. I made the pants out of a t-shirt and cuffed the bottom hem with a fleece material from a jacket. The sweater and hat made from a cardigan. The vest was also made from the fleece jacket. Before doing the finishing touches on the clothing you try it on the teddy bear to make sure that they fit and this is where you make any needed adjustments or changes. I also embroidered the name, "Mary Bear", at the family's request, on a pocket that I sewed on the fleece vest. I hope this brings comfort and joy to the recipent of this precious sentimental value teddy bear!


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