My Song

Praise God! Thank God!
I serve a God of second chances.
What He did for me
He can do for you.

It took me forty years to learn to live
He set me free!
I lost my todays
to worries about tomorrow
Tomorrows turn into yesterdays
Yesterdays into faded memories

I want to break the cycle
that bound me all these years
I can see its not to late for me
God has healed me
and Changed my heart.
He set me free
He gave me His PEACE
The PEACE that passes all understanding

He removed the chains that bound me
The chains that never let me live
Or realize the joy, blessings and treasures
That today holds for me!
He taught me that there are no guarantees
Treasure every moment
Enjoy it!
Live it!

Once today turns into yesterday
It's gone forever
Never to be relived
Don't live in the past -- or in regret
It's never too late to turn you life over to Jesus
So he can heal you and take away your pain!
And in return he give you His PEACE --the PEACE that
Passes all Understanding!!

Praise God! Thank God!
WE serve a God of second chances.
Feel His Healing power
Feel His PEACE!!

Enjoy the here and now because you don't know when it will be your last. This life is temporary--it's about ETERNITY, enjoy your JOURNEY!!


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