Making purses from old clothes - so much fun!

It's so much fun taking old clothes and making new stuff especially when you are showing a 6 year old how to sew. My neighbor Bella wanted to learn to sew. We went through my closet where I store retired clothing for special remakes, redesign and recreating. She picked out the blouse/skirt set that had a southwest print. The colors were rich and vibrant. The pattern we used was one, Revisions - The Pacific Purse Collection designed by Diane Ericson, I picked up at the Sewing Expo in Denver last month. The pattern has five style to choose from so I let her pick one out, she picked style D. It was such a easy pattern I could hardly believe it. If your fabric isn't heavy enough she recommends interfacing your pieces. I always try to make things simple so I had Bella pick out an old sweater from the sweater box, that would be the lining. This created enough stability to the purse so we didn't have to interface it. I was totally AMAZED at this little girl and how quick she picked things up. The sweetest part was she wanted to make her little sister a purse. Sometimes I think sewing is a lost art. I'm so excited when someone wants to learn to SEW.


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